Like a married couple seeking constant conciliation for the survival of being. They are like thought and voice, one feels and the other behaves. It is the difference between what one is and what one should be. It is the binary eternal balance. It is the divine need to be able to understand good and evil, white and black. They are forced extremes that leave endless colors, shades and nuances in their wake. Thanks to this we are, we understand, we love and we suffer. This is where communication is born, the power to unite two extremes to reach a middle point. The chaos trapped in a support that gives it order and the imprisoned order containing the chaos. They always have been and always will be.



I was born in Barcelona on November 12th, 1973, I dedicated myself to the world of design. I graduated from Escuela Superior de Diseño Elisava in 1996, with a BA with Honors in Design from the University of South Hampton as well. In 1993 I exhibited for the first time in a restaurant in the upper part of Barcelona. In 1998 I went to Mexico D.F. where I started my career as an art director. That same year I exhibited in one of the most important architecture studios in Mexico City. In the following 14 years I devoted myself almost exclusively to my profession. Having won all the most important international awards of my profession I decide to give a more important space to my passion, art.

Paco Marcó | +34 619 155 721 | hola@pacomarco.es